How Can We Be God’s Ambassadors?

Evangelism Ministry Activities

  • Deliver bread and Parish Post newsletter to visitors.
  • Provide baby bibs with the words ‘Jesus Loves Me’ to newly baptized babies. Bibs are also sent to newborns in our neighborhood, and to Nursery School parents of newborns.
  • Provide refreshments to voters on Election Day, and to our neighbors at local yard sales. During the events we hand out St. Mark’s Invite cards.
  • Sing Christmas carols at the Colonial Park Mall.
  • Participate with other ministries in Bring a Friend Sunday.
  • Canvass our community, and invite our neighbors to attend special church events.
  • Participate with other ministries in the Bunny Breakfast.
  • Support our Nursery School by providing children with holiday packets and an invitation to come worship.
  • Send follow-up postcard to recent guests stating our appreciation for their recent visit.

Congregational Evangelism Before, During, and After Worship Service

PROVIDE SEATING: When visitors or other members are looking for a seat, we stand up, and let them in our pew, or we move in and provide them with our special seat.

GREET AND PASS THE PEACE: With a smile, say ‘Good morning’, and welcome everyone. Thank them for coming. Don’t forget to find people that you don’t know. They may be a visitor, or someone who needs a friendly smile and Peace from you.

TALK TO UNFAMILIAR PEOPLE: After the Worship service is a great time to make visitors and people we don’t know feel welcome. When the time is right, introduce yourself. Comment that you don’t remember meeting them before. If they don’t tell you their name, ask whether they attend the early or late service. If a visitor, you may ask whether they live in the area, or whether they are looking for a place of worship. Be friendly. Invite them to sign our Welcome Folder.