Frequently Asked Questions

What does LYF stand for?

Lutheran Youth of Faith, LYF is the youth group at St Mark’s

When are LYF meetings?

Held about twice monthly, meetings are Sundays from 5 – 8:30 PM. For dates, check out our schedule here link

Will there be snacks?

There are always snacks

Who can come to an LYF meeting?

Meetings are open to 6th graders and everyone older! If you aren’t in 6th grade yet, check out our LYF Jr group!

What if I can’t pay for a retreat or event?

LYF and St Mark’s fund raise all year round so that we can make sure all of our members can attend all events, regardless of the cost. Pay what you can, no questions asked.

Are the retreats fun?

Of course! Don’t believe us? Check them out on our YouTube channel.

How do I get involved?

Just come to our next meeting! You can also contact us at