St. Mark’s has relationships with two area camps, Nawakwa and Kirchenwald. There are various activities throughout the year for all ages.

Activities include:

  • Summer Camps
  • Day Camps
  • Confirmation Camp!
    • Lutheran Youth of Faith members attend Harrisburg Area Confirmation Camp every year! A week in a community of Christ, Con Camp is a formative experience for all who attend. Many of our advisors are counselors and staff members at camp every year.
  • Bible studies
  • Crafting weekends
  • Men’s Retreats
  • Garden Parties
  • Book Studies
  • Work Days
  • Activity Days
  • Weekend Retreats for youth members
  • Leadership training camps

Visit the website at for up to date activities, forms, and costs for participation. (Also see the notices on the Christian Education bulletin board for specific current events.)

St. Mark’s also has funds available to help campers who may need assistance. There are several church discounts that may also apply to summer campers.