About Us

Lutheran Youth of Faith (LYF) is the name of the youth group here at St Mark’s. Making up the majority of St. Mark’s youth ministry, LYF is about shining the light and love of Christ on our youth, and giving them the tools and opportunity to have them shine that light and love on the rest of the world. LYF begins in 6th grade, and extends through high school and beyond. LYF is not limited to only youth from the congregation, many youth from outside St Mark’s join us regularly for LYF meetings and events. Our youth are involved in a myriad of leadership and outreach roles both inside the congregation and in the community. LYF is all about building relationships – with each other, and with Christ.

sunday school student making a cross out of paper

Our youth ministry includes Youth Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, regular LYF meetings, lock-ins, day trips, fundraising for future youth events, community engagement, and so much more!

Our regular meetings are typically held bi-monthly from 5 PM – 8:30 PM on Sunday evenings. Dinner is provided. At any given meeting, there are songs, movie clips, games, interactive learning sessions, candle prayer, and more!

In addition to our regularly scheduled bi-monthly meetings and events, LYF participates in several “big events”. This includes an annual Shore Trip, semi-annual retreats, traveling to the ELCA National Youth Gathering (Houston in 2018), and Mission Trips. All of our big trips include multiple learning sessions, plenty of free time, and tons of fun.

St Mark’s also has a Junior Youth Group as well!

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**St. Mark’s has a child protection policy in place.  All teachers and youth workers have been screened and have necessary clearances.